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Custom Jewellery

& Silversmith Classes


Jewellery making classes

Make your own jewellery

Silversmith Classes

Our jewellery making silversmith classes are a great place to learn silversmithing. Learn skills such as soldering, sawing, filing, hand piercing, and polishing. Make your own jewellery.

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Shop our custom jewellery and unique collections. Handmade by Suzie right here in her Gold Coast studio, The Jewellery Studio's range of bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings...

custom jewellery

Custom Jewellery

Commissioned jewellery pieces from silversmith Suzie Posa. Custom one-off pieces, or remodelling and repurposing of existing jewellery, re-modelling heirloom pieces or just melting and re-using gold from existing jewellery. 

Suzie from The Jewellery Studio

Suzie, The Jewellery Studio

I describe my style as art deco, french inspired without the price tag as I want everyone to be able to experience the joy of owning a piece of my work. To me its a journey that we take together. I get so much enjoyment handing over a unique one off hand made piece created just for you.

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